Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 15 Movement extends itself in time

The May 15 Movement of Madrid has made an appeal to organize popular assemblies in towns and neighborhoods through the metropolitan region. These meetings will take place next Saturday May 28. 

So far there will be assemblies in the following neighborhoods of Madrid: Carabachel, Lavapiés, Usera, Arganzuela, Chamberí, Puente de Valleas, Tetuán, Moratalaz, Moncloa Aravaca, Batán, Guindalera, Retiro, La Elipa, Barrio de la Concepción, San Blas, Villaverde Alto, Hortaleza, Barajas, Salamanca, Barrio del Pilar  and Prosperidad, and also in the following metropolitan towns: Leganés, Alcobendas, Aranjuez, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Alcorcón, Móstoles, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Manzanares el Real, Colmernar Viejo and Getafe. 

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 On Sunday 29 at noon there will be People's Assembly of Madrid at Puerta del Sol. 

Valencia protest
The Puerta del Sol is absolutely crowded, so the demonstrators attempted to expand the protest to Plaza de la Ópera this morning. But police thwarted this movement. 

This was also something that the camp at Valencia had to do, taking the roads around the City Hall Plaza, in spite of official silence on an authorization request, in order to grant the necessary comfort for the demonstrators. 

Source: Tercera Información[es] (link for Madrid, for Valencia)


  1. HI Maju, It's all getting more interesting isn't it.
    Good On You, People of Spain..
    Stand up to the criminal fascists.
    All the best from Down Under.

  2. It's quite weird. Unexpected...

    There was obviously much discontent, with 20% unemployment (maybe 50% among youths), extreme underemployment, widespread corruption, the stupid greedy people at Brussels/IMF/rating companies/multinational banks putting ultra pressure to dismantle a "welfare state" that does not even exist at all.

    Why do they want people to work more years if they can't even work most of their lives anyhow? To save colored tickets we call "money", to save from what? From banksters extreme greed? Why not to save in NATO troops, police and tax evasion instead?

    But most unions and political parties were deactivating the discontent instead of letting it express itself.

    So it has suddenly showed up at the less expected corner.

    People is demanding "the moon" however, there is a long way to walk. But in principle these assemblies could become a counter-power and even topple the state, EU and NATO. Let's not forget that Spain is just a member state of much larger organizations...


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