Monday, May 30, 2011

Portugal too joins the square-occupation movement (and France as well?)

I was not aware at all but the Portuguese people joined the protest movement initiated (in Europe) in Spain on May 15. They did so more than a week ago, as reported by[pt], taking the Praça do Rossio (Dew Square, formally Praça de D. Pedro IV) at the center of Lisbon.

Follows video of the camp (interviews in Portuguese):

And Lisbon is just one of several Portuguese cities in this movement. 

At this moment there are at least four states in the Euro-Mediterranean region with people taking some of their central squares: Egypt, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Who's next?

For my latest review on other occupations and revolutionary processes, see here.

Some activity also in France also reports on the assemblies' movement in France that is trying to emulate the Spanish takeovers of public space. At the moment what they are doing is to debate in open assemblies, notably (but not only) at La Bastille Plaza but have not yet made any permanent camp, as far as I can tell.

The reference site seems to be Réelle Démocratie[fr].

Of course, check #frenchrevolution, #portugueserevolution, #greekrevolution, etc. at Twitter. It is the sign of the times that it is that way.

From that little big mine of info, I just got this image of Syntagma Square (Athens) tonight:

Let's not forget that Democracy is a Greek word that means People's Power.

And also this one for the assembly at La Bastille, where the People more than two hundred years ago destroyed an emblematic prison of the Ancien Régime, signaling its collapse. It was not easy to complete that process but our World began then:

It's time to get used to the new European red banner...

I'd change the yellow by black but otherwise is ok. 

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