Monday, May 9, 2011

Workers for Fukushima scammed

A man aged 60 who signed for a job in Miyagi prefecture was sent to handle water in Fukushima Daiichi dressed in protective gear (which is actually quite useless: you'd need to work in a lead tank to be protected even slightly). He was paid double than promised but he considers he was not paid enough considering the risk involved. 

Certainly I would not work there for all the gold on Earth. It is, first of all, a matter of principle: only after all advocates of nuclear energy have offered their lives first, I could volunteer in the hope that it'd be the last of this kind of accidents and my death would not be in vain. 

I feel it terribly unfair that anybody with even a neutral opinion on nuclear energy dies or suffers for this catastrophe while nuclear advocates stay at large. They should offer their lives first and the rest of us must demand them to do so.

Other news from nuclear Japan:

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