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Arab Revolution reaches Palestine in the 63rd anniversay of the Nakba: Apartheid forces murder many, border walls destroyed

Nakba, Arab word meaning disaster, hecatomb, the Palestinian equivalent to the Holocaust - ironically caused by some of the survivors of this other genocide. It began in 1948 when the recently arrived European Jewish settlers established a state and deported the natives massively by use of fear and massacres. 

It has continued to present day for 63 painful years. However it may well be nearing its end... because the Arab Revolution is not going to remain outside the last racist European colony for long.

Of course the Zionazis won't surrender so easily but it's clear that it is the beginning of the end of colonial apartheid in Palestine (aka Israel). By the moment they have declared the word Nakba illegal and any commemoration as well. 

Palestinians have gone to the streets of course but the Zionazis are murdering them. The information is confuse but I could gather the following:

Scores (90?) injured in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanese and Syrian borders as the colonial army attempts to stop peaceful civil marches attempting to exercise the right to return and destroying border fences. 

At least eight killed among them.

I'm not fan of Gilad Atzmon but he makes some good points today: as (former?) Israeli himself he knows well that it is Israelis who are the infiltrators and not Palestinians attempting to return to their homes.

Video of demo at Al Arish (Egypt, near the Gaza border):

Source: PressTV,


Uruknet says it's 15 the murdered protesters only at the demarcation line in Syria. Some of the returning refugees did cross as far as to a village within Israel-occupied territory in Syria (Golan Heights).

In the border with Lebanon the mortal victims were 4, it seems.

A teenager was killed at the walls of the largest prison on Earth: Gaza Strip. Other 82 people were injured there as well, as they tried to regain access to their homeland. 

At the wall of shame that criss-crosses the West Bank to protect Zionist settlements and fragment and imprison Palestinian natives there were also protests with attempts of breach. At Al Wallaja 8 Palestinians (including two twin children aged 11) and 6 internationalists (from North America and Europe) were arrested. Al Wallaja is one of the villages most harmed by the destruction brought by the apartheid wall.

Add at least 30 injured in Ramallah while trying to breach a checkpoint and unclear reports of clashes in Hebron and Jerusalem. 

Probably the true figures are much higher, because the information is flowing only slowly.

Overall today has been one of the bloodiest days of Zionist history, excepting offensive military campaigns (against civilians mostly).

Update (2): Al Jazeera has some complementary information as well, including a video and photo gallery.

A dominant motif in every Nakba commemoration are keys, keys of homes that now surely do not exist anymore, keys that symbolize the right of the Palestinian People to live in all their ancestral homeland without restrictions of any kind imposed by foreign colonists.

The real keys of history and roots

The symbolic keys of hope and the future

Also report and video on the repression in Egypt against a rally that attempted to take the Israeli embassy in Cairo.



Some historical maps of the Nakba (much more info at PASSIA, specially the maps section):

Many of the refugees were from Jaffa, Nazareth and other cities
Palestinian refugees (UN sources), click to expand

Of course, Palestine is not the only place where revolts and repression is happening: Syria, Yemen and Bahrain are still very hot. But I think that Palestine is particular because of novelty and also because it's destined to become a central part of the Arab Revolution.

It is also the only country where an apartheid colonial regime exists with all its peculiarities. 

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