Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honduras: more murders confirm the Colombian way to Hell

Harvesting rice in Aguán
The Honduran regime is clearly taking the Colombian way to Hell, in other words: to the service of corporations and oligarchs by means of massive murder of civilians, notably struggling peasants, honest journalists...

Yesterday morning Sixto Ramos (45), member of the cooperative company Suyapa, part of the Peasnant Movement of Aguán (MCA) was murdered when he drove to work. 

In the Bajo Aguán district there is a very harsh struggle between peasants demanding the return of lands robbed by caciques in the last 20 years and the death squads paid by these oligarchs and supported often by police and military forces of the state, which saw a fascist coup in 2009. 

Communitarian health center
28 peasant activists have been murdered in the last 15 months (since the coup). Last week Paulino Lemus Cruz and Henry Roney Díaz were murdered as well in the Aguán basin. Two peasants have also been kidnapped recently (one of them liberated after torture, the other still missing). In addition also a journalist was killed near Tegucigalpa, the capital (and he's not the first one either).

Meanwhile the campaign to normalize the status of Honduras in the international sphere continues. 

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