Monday, May 23, 2011

Blackwater to create a counter-revolutionary secret army in the Arab World

The mercenary camp under construction in Abu Dhabi
The United Arab Emirates and Xe Inc. (former Blackwater) have formed a "joint venture" with the name Reflex Responses to create a secret bataillon of with, initially, some 800 mercenaries hired from South Africa, Colombia and other countries that will intervene through the region against protesters and revolutionary movements.

The mercenary army, once tested in a real action, will be paid by the Abu Dhabi tryanny to help thwart the Arab Revolution. The mercenaries are trained by instructors from NATO armies and secret services.

The two names in this mercenary project are: Mohamed bin Zayed, heir apparent to emirate and trainee by the British Army and trusted puppet of the Pentagon, and Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, Xe and now Reflex Responses. 

Prince claims to be libertarian (i.e. ultra-liberal), what is surely a convenient ideology to create a ghost mercenary army that operates through the world. It would seem less convenient to justify para-military repression of pro-democracy protesters... but what these thugs understand by "freedom" is just freedom for themselves to become rich, the freedom of the poor, of the peoples of the World is not their concern, it seems. 

Mafiosi in other words. The only true libertarianism is libertarian communism, best known as  Anarchism.

Sources: La Haine[es], Voltaire Net[en], adjunct contract.

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