Monday, May 2, 2011

Pérez Becerra: Colombian police treated me better than Venezuelan guards

While Chávez assumes somewhat arrogantly and stupidly his worthless attitude in the case of Swedish-Colombian journalist Joaquín Pérez Becerra, extradited to the terrorist state of Colombia without any kind of judicial procedure or consular attention, ANNCOL has managed to interview the political prisoner betrayed by the stupid attitude of the Chávez government. 

You can listen to the full interview here (in Spanish). A transcription can be read at ArgenPress[es].

He denounces the attitude of the Venezuelan national guard that treated him worse even that the Colombian police. He was held in isolation all the time in Venezuela and was not allowed attorney nor consular assistance.

Already in Colombia he has been subject to some sort of judicial procedure where it was evidenced that he has Swedish and not anymore Colombian nationality and that he lives in Sweden. 

He says that the whole procedure of his arrest is to force the closure of alternative media like ANNCOL. (In fact the address has been blocked as I write this)

He also says that this is obviously bad for the image of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela. 

What is clear is that a government that is more ready to deport people to states where human rights are systematically violated like Colombia or Spain than any other cannot call itself revolutionary and internationalist.

Mr. Chávez you must not just formally assume your responsibility but you must also correct this outraging police attitude against all kind of civilian activists. The less you can do is to make sure that, before any extradition takes place, you have all the information and are not falling into a trap by your false friends in Bogotá, Madrid or who knows where.

And beware who you consider your friend. Certainly neither Santos nor Zapatero are, mind you.

Also at ArgenPress[es], Raúl Vallejo has a very harsh but honest open letter to Hugo Chávez, who should get out of his ivory tower and start to acknowledge that he is losing support and that this anger on the growing distance between the Bolivarian grassroots and the authorities has been catalyzed by the Pérez Becerra case. 

He should better wake up and react of the revolution itself risks being seriously damaged. And he should be less arrogant, very specially when one commits such a brutal error (and is not the first time).

Update (May 3) the extradition of Pérez Becerra erodes the support to Chávez and the monolithic PSUV (a bad idea back in the day anyhow) and questions the informative value of TeleSur, subject to massive pressure by counter-revolutionary bureaucrats like Interior Minister Izarra.

The Bolivarian revolution now has a good opportunity to make an intense cleanup, removing those people with cynic collaborationist attitudes which can only be a burden for Venezuela. Revolution is not a traitor bureaucracy under an eroded revolutionary pretext as in China (or possibly even Cuba since the latest reforms).

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