Friday, May 6, 2011

Shots down his Nazi father

... at the tender age of ten. 

This happened in California, specifically in Riverside Co., the son of an outstanding local Nazi, Jeff Hall, who had placed Nazi ensigns before the local synagogue and a Jewish labor center in recent months, who is described in some sites as the leader of the National Socialist Movement in California (your local Hitler), was shot dead by his son, an unnamed boy aged 10. 

The details are unclear but it seems it was intentional murder.

As someone with fascist relatives, I can perfectly understand (though not necessarily support) such an act of radical rebellion. Surely, I guess, the incident was motivated by a private rather than public or political confrontation but a Nazi outside is a Nazi at home so...

For those with greatest doubts about the opportunity of violence in these cases, this may well be a case of would you kill Hitler before he becomes Führer or even leader of the NSDAP? This Hall guy was a plumber but he was also the leader of the California Nazis and might one day, maybe ten years from now, have become a political leader with power to perform a genocide, which he was obviously willing to commit. 

The good news is that, being a minor of very tender age, his son and murderer will get away cheaply. Another thing is how will he cope emotionally.

Pity that Hitler did not have any sons...

Follows Hil ezazu aita (kill your father) by mythical Basque punk-rock band Hertzainak:

... if you don't kill him, you are dead yourself (from the lyrics).

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