Saturday, May 21, 2011

IKEA's anti-labor fascism

The "modern", "youthful" and "dynamic" Swedish multinational is in fact a hell for workers, from which they obviously extract the margin to set their prices so low.

That is what Basque second largest union LAB protested on Thursday at IKEA Barakaldo, near Bilbao, that:
  • In 2005 three workers were fired for joining this union
  • In 2010 worker representation elections IKEA threatened with job loss all workers who wanted to take part in LAB's lists. Still the workers voted LAB in sufficient numbers.
  • IKEA also attempted to manipulate the medical inspectors, settling them in locations not apt for that work and hiring physicians not qualified specifically for labor medicine. For that reason, it was sanctioned by tribunals for a serious fault and a small fine of €3600.
  • The anti-union and autocratic policy of IKEA, forbidding access of union advisors to its buildings, has been demonstrated even before a work inspector, who sanctioned them with a very serious fault. 
  • Now the direction of IKEA removes systematically the labor information provided by LAB and threatens with sanctions the members of LAB's union section. For this reason the company has been repeatedly denounced before various government offices.
LAB denounces that IKEA hopes that all its abuses will be for free, knowing that the institutions are not really interested in defending the rights of workers but they wow not to renounce to defend the rights of the workers.

Follows video of a protest demanding freedom of association and freedom of speech:

Source: La Haine[es].

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