Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guatemala: 26 murdered, farms destroyed

A private security company or a death squad? A businessman or a feudal lord? Citizens or slaves?

All those questions arise and have only bad answers in the case of Guatemala, a Republic with almost 200 years of history and the one North American state with greatest apportion of Native blood and culture.

On may 13 the mercenaries of the company Chabil Utzaj, belonging to the Widmann family (of US and ultimately German orign and related by marriage to former president Óscar Berger) attacked and destroyed communal farms that the Widmann mafia claims to have purchased in 2006 (in a viced and corrupt purchase with no legal validity), and which they intend to use to plant biofuel crops.

Previously 26 peasants were found murdered in the municipality of La Libertad, Petén, Maya Country, formally Guatemala (pictured).

Sources: LINYM[es], The Agonist[en].

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