Friday, May 13, 2011

Greece: the state launches fascism to the streets: scores injured

Greece: neonazi pogrom tolerated by the authorities, anti-racist demonstrators severely injured by police instead

This is the kind of Europe that the Capitalists have in reserve if we don't swallow their commands of giving them our lives in full without even a protest, if we dare, as the brave Greek People has done, to defy the dictates of the international banskter mafia.

This is what they will try to promote, what they are already promoting: Nazis at large, allowed to murder, Antifascists dead or in jail.

The Nazi/Fascist movement is not too big in Greece, where Left Wing movements are clearly dominant in the streets (not just now but from many decades ago). However a bunch of Nazi death squads have been allowed to go on rampage attacking immigrants and people with a leftist ideology, including the long-lived social center Vila Amalias.

As the media is on strike, there is no clear info on what really happened but there is a rumor on a criminal aggression by Pakistanis as trigger of this Nazi madness. I cannot confirm or deny but it stinks to fabricated rumor - and justifies nothing in any case.

In response there has been a major anti-racist demonstration and the same police forces that allowed the Nazis to go on rampage attacked the participants with extreme violence: tears gas and brutal beatings that have left almost a hundred people injured, at least two of them between life and death.

The account of injured published in Indymedia-Athens lists: 64 injured at Kat hospital, 10 at Evangelismo hospital, 20 at Geniko Kratiko (10 of these have concussions). 30 arrested of which 12 will be put to trial.

Two of the injured (by police) are between life and death: one, M.P. (27), has got his spleen removed in order to save his life, the other one, G.K. (30), is still struggling at the twilight zone of his existence after being removed dozens of blood clots from his brain in a surgery operation that lasted four hours.

Follow video of the police attack (notice that YouTube is censoring it but you can still watch if embedded or if you have a YouTube account):

Sources: La Haine[es] (link 1, link 2), Indymedia Athens[gr]

Update (May 15): Bangladeshi murdered in Athens

Sare Antifaxista[es] reports that one Bangladeshi immigrant was found dead by stabbing, being the first mortal victim of the Nazi pogrom.

Also the Interior Minister regretted the excessive violence of the police and said it was still not democratic enough (erm... the dictatorship ended in the 1970s, what's wrong then almost 40 years later?)

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