Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pamplona protests and some ongoing debate on the "#spanishrevolution"

Thousands continue in Gaztelu Plaza of Pamplona (moved from the City Hall Plaza, this one is much larger) and there are photos at La Haine[es].

Iceland as a model to follow: bankers to trial, says this banner


There is a lot of debate in the left about what kind of revolutionary legitimacy this movement has and this is reflected in diverse articles at La Haine (and elsewhere, I guess). Very briefly:

Historical anarcho-syndicalist union CNT makes an appeal for the protests to continue and consider the self-organization a clear step ahead. However they also warn that the protest will no doubt me instrumentalized and manipulated. They also propose to change the proposals that are coming from these mobilizations: changing the electoral law alone won't be of much help and therefore they make an appeal for changing labor laws instead.

Basque Nationalist Left ideologue Iñaki Iriondo declares the protests "interesting" but ponders that it would be naive to claim that the Basque Youth has awakened in them, as it has a long history of struggles and self-organization. He also compares the illegalization of the protests with the near-illegalization of Bildu coalition. 

Boltxe Kolektiboa, a smaller Basque Marxist-Leninist current, focuses in denouncing the original "Real Democracy Now!" platform as a farce that does not question the monarchy. How are you going to have real democracy if the unelected king is still there living on us as a parasite? They think therefore that this movement is a creation of the ruling party.

Certainly the DRY platform seems quite empty of content. However it has triggered a much more ample movement that overwhelms its own appeal and objectives but how far will it go? I suspect that everybody expects it to dissolve in near-nothingness after election day. The lack of clear goals, specially clear revolutionary goals, suggests it will be that way.

Update: more Pamplona photos, panoramic ones, from Zaldi Eroa's blog De Rerum Natura: the whole sequence day by day:

May 5 in support of Bildu coalition (which was then in the verge of illegalization):

May 19 already within the May 15 protest movement:

The amount of people is similar possibly

May 21 (today), moved to Gaztelu Plaza because there was no more room at the City Hall Plaza:

Here there are many many more people, of course. It's just gone crazy.

And at least in Madrid, they are projecting for the future, calling for town and neighborhood assemblies (just watched on TV), in what may become a snowball of grassroots organization that nobody can stop.

Or can they? This is really getting interesting...

Update: another live camera at Puerta del Sol.

And a video from inside (from

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