Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nuclear disaster: the last two days in a rush (Tokyo off limits? Japan to become uninhabitable?)

Tokyo off limits? Japan will become a nuclear desert? Those are the warnings of influential politician Ichiro Ozawa, who seems to have the guts to speak out some of the painful truth (see below).  

Very quick review of what happened these last two days or so around the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe (from Energy News mostly, in chronological order):

Fri 27:

US nuclear industry was “fortunate” that BP Oil Disaster happened — Helped shape communication strategy for Fukushima ["Fortunate" in the sense that they know they can lie without limit and that the media won't challenge it mostly]

Evacuate THIS! Two months ago!
50 mile evacuation zone around Fukushima was “very conservative” says NRC Commissioner [And this, 80 km, was what the USA proposed to no avail! Japan only implemented 20 km, 12 miles, recently expanded to 30 km (18 miles). I already said on March 31, after repeated infos of dangerous radiation at the latitude of Tokyo, that all northern Honsu should be evacuated at least the children and pregnant/lactating women].

Sat 28:

Japan detects “extraordinarily high levels” of radioactivity off Sendai [North of Fukushima, another reactor was affected over there]

Reactor No. 5 cooling system stops, backup not yet working — Analysis showed No. 1 was melting 50 minutes after cooling stopped [Reactors 5 and 6 were so far allegedly not damaged, excepting the power supply initially].

Today, Sun 29:

Fukushima nuclear plant is “leaking like a sieve” [This sounds more like the real thing, sadly enough]

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