Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How would a Southern Basque Parliament be

The simplest method is to add up the provincial delegates (each province has 51 of them, except Navarre that has 50, but I reapportioned and CDN got 1), forming a "super parliament" with 204 representatives. The rule that each province has the same representation (federative concept) is widely accepted and in effect in the Western Basque Parliament already.

It would produce:
  • Bildu: 52 seats
  • EAJ-PNV: 49 seats
  • PSOE: 37 seats
  • PP: 32 seats
  • UPN: 19 seats
  • Aralar/NaBai: 9 seats
  • IU: 5 seats
  • CDN 1 seat

The nominal ideological distribution would be as follow:
Separatists: 110; Unionists: 89; Federalists: 5
Left: 103; Right: 101

However, because of the relative pragmatism (centrism) of the unionist left (PSOE) and separatist right (PNV), these two blocs have historically tended to join forces in an unholy alliance for the preservation of the status quo. At least it has been that way in the Western Basque Country. All left or all separatist alliances have been typically taboo.

Detailed data at Gara (for example). Municipal leadership map (created and published yesterday by me):

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