Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbottabad photos show bloodshed but no Bin Laden

The Guardian publishes today a gallery of photos, leaked from the Pentagon, showing three young men in white clothes killed and the blood still fresh. It also shows what seems to me a fallen drone helicopter. 

But no weapons and, crucially, no Osama Bin Laden anywhere.

Why do they lie each time they open their mouth?

And why does so many believe them acritically? 

The former makes me lose all faith in the system but the latter makes me lose all faith in humankind, specially in our definition as "intelligent species".

And, well, anyhow, there are three questions that remain unanswered:

1. Where is Bin Laden? Is he dead (most seem to believe he is dead but since 2001 or 2002) or alive under a fake identity?

2. Who are these victims? Why were they killed? What happened in that compound?

3. Why have we been presented now with the, obviously false, notion that Bin Laden has been killed? Why bother "killing" him? What is in the making?

Update: Bin Laden's son among the victims

Photo no. 7, the first dead person (reproduced left), who stroke me as very similar to Osama Bin Laden but a lot younger, is surely his son Hamza, who has surfaced now was killed in the attack. Is it possible that Hamza Bin Laden, 18 or 19 years old, was the true objective of this attack? He might have grown to be an icon of fundamentalist militants if left alive. 

Notice also how two of the three corpses show signs of having been shot at point blank on the back of the head. This could only happen if they were shot after surrender (a moving target cannot be shoot that way, I understand).

Update: Khalid or Hamza? 

No idea but the White House's version seems to have danced between these two names. How many sons had the guy of the turban and cryptic smile?


  1. Good questions Maju,

    Sorry for the English, I am a bit angry and I can not express myself well.

    Above all two things:

    who are these people who have been killed without a trial and what charges?

    have really acted in the purest style of hollywood, enter another country without permission from anybody and kill some people that no one knows who they are, and show photos of these people and want to believe they have killed bin Laden.

    1. if they have killed bin Laden, we do not see evidence of it?

    2. why they to invade another country without permission?

    3. in the case that bin Laden is dead, because it is not on trial?

    But above all, who says that people in the photographs are terrorists or whatever? and if a group of friends who were playing cards? who have evidence?

    We can be quiet the rest of humanity without the American army displayed in our homes in a helicopter and we get shot?

    They appear to fall within any country when they want and do what they want.

    this seems like a joke, really, but it is very serious, especially grave that no government demand an explanation of this.

    the pictures are in bad taste, display dead without knowing who they are

    bin laden is a dirty terrorist and a murderer, but should be tried first, as it was Saddam.

    I think St. Obama should give a reason.

  2. Absolutely. The role of Pakistan is most mysterious: why are they allowing the USA to intervene in their territory? Why do they not initiate sanctions against the USA, including their forces in Afghanistan? Obviously they are a foot-licking vassal and all the accusations launched against Pakistan baseless, rather the opposite accusations are to be considered that they are allowing the murder of their own citizens by a foreign power - which would normally be unacceptable.

    Anyhow, what do you think of the first (no. 7) photo: he looks a lot like Bin Laden but much younger (in his 20s?). Could he be his son? According to the infos we are getting drop by drop, Bin Laden's wife and daughter were there, could it be that there was also a son, maybe all them under Pakistani custody (the compound seems related to the Pakistani army/secret services). If so why would the USA storm this place? Revenge against the ISI for some strange reason, like the arrest of a CIA agent and Al Qaeda terrorist just a few months ago? Some other reason? Why?

    Also notice that at least two of the three killed have been shot in the back of the head, probably after they surrendered (not easy to aim there if the target is moving).

  3. Confirmed: the victim seems to be Hamza Bin Laden, 18 or 19 years old.

    It is possible that he was the true target, as he could be used as his father's replacement as icon.

  4. then it is certain that of Figure 7 is the son of bin Laden?

    What remains clear is that the White House has changed its version of the facts, first said they were armed and now it seems that no one resisted and were killed.

    This conflicts with the first version, which said it had not been possible to capture bin Laden alive because he had resisted with guns.

    I think Obama has gotten in trouble, wanted or not wanted to capture the terrorist alive?

    It seems that the daughter's version is that he was captured alive and within minutes he was shot in the head.

    I do not think they killed bin Laden, if he had killed had shown the trophy as well showing photos of his son.

    The role of Pakistan's strange, I do not think that was laden with 50 km of the capital into a fortress and the government did not know I was there, I think they all knew it was there.

    But it's all very confusing, weird, strange.

    The issue is far from over.

  5. The daughter's version may refer to her brother rather than her father. We only know of it second hand.

    The case is clear that there is no corpse of Osama Bin Laden, no photo that matches the others, no anything but blah-blah by a bunch of politicians of whom we know that lie more than talk.

    However it's getting clear that the operation is linked to the Bin Laden family somehow. Maybe the "Osama" they have killed is Hamza? It is the most parsimonious theory I can muster: that they killed Hamza and pretended it was Osama.

  6. "then it is certain that of Figure 7 is the son of bin Laden?"

    The similitude is striking in any case. At first I realized he looked rather distinct from the other two: more West Asian than South Asian. But when I looked again he stroke me as similar to Osama Bin Laden in almost everything but age, then I looked about Osama's sons at Wikipedia and read that Hamza had been involved in guerrilla operations as young as 10 y.o. (with another brother) and then I noticed he had been confirmed dead in this operation.

    I do not know is if OBL is alive or died years ago (the hypothesis favored by many) but it seems clear to me that he was not here because, if that would be the case, we would have seen his corpse (photos or even videos or even the body itself exposed in ice for the world press to "enjoy").


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