Friday, May 13, 2011

Important stuff you needed to know while Blogger was down (and the Greek media on strike)

Readers who did not attempt to comment may not have noticed but Blogger has been down for the last day plus.

It's an interesting experience: we (or at least I) are probably too dependent on Blogger to receive and emit information nowadays. News outlets just don't have the richness that the Net has but much of what is in the Net is in Blogger. And, while I appreciate the role Blogger does this concentration is probably not too good because it allows the system to fall down, at least for a while, by just pulling one plug - whoever does it.

I have forgotten about a lot of stuff I wanted to write about in this hiatus but there are two items I could not forget:

Colombia: another peasant leader murdered

On one side the murder in Colombia by death squads (working more or less directly for the multinationals of coffee and other tropical plantation products) of yet another peasant leader who demanded the return of the lands robbed by the paramilitary leaders (landowners), often to sell to multinationals. I can't find the source of this news item right now and I'll update therefore later.

Greece: Nazi and police violence injure hundreds

Will follow soon.

Fukushima: situation is being acknowledged as worst possible, with cracks in all three reactors and a total failure of the pseudo-plan not to face the facts by TEPCO, Japan and the World (most of the World is just doing the same: let's ignore the brutal health, social, economical and environmental emergency this is).

Will follow soon as well.

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