Monday, May 23, 2011

A different view of Spanish elections: the twin single party lost almost a million votes

Twin party dictatorship
The media (and some pseudo-revolutionaries against revolutions) are emphasizing the defeat of PSOE and the victory of PP in Spanish elections. This we all knew it would happen and is only the fault of the PSOE which has not exerted left-wing policies almost ever in three decades of political hegemony in Spain.

This is like the defeat of Blair/Brown: nobody should really be bothered because they are class traitors and we deserve better, a lot better.

But there is another view to things. As mentioned earlier and emphasized by the protesters at Puerta del Sol, there is one single party, popularly known as PPSOE. This single twin party has lost almost one million votes: from 15.676.940 votes in 2007 to 14.750.118 in 2011 (same kind of elections). 

Simultaneously the votes to other options, together with blank and null votes has increased in 1.6 millions.

After considering abstention, the PPSOE single party gathers only 43.26% of potential votes state-wide. Yet, thanks to the electoral system, they get maybe 80 or 90% of the institutional representation.

This is why electoral reform is a key demand of demonstrators: currently the electoral law strongly favors bipartidism, that is: single twin-party dictatorship. Particularly it gives undue representation to small rural provinces lacking personality, where no third party can ever be elected (unless it has a very strong local presence). That way the caciques in Ávila, Ourense or Albacete rule like true feudal lords the politics of the whole state, without any alternative, aided by the corporate media.

The electoral law for local and regional elections similarly favors largest parties, making the elections a corporate theater between two almost indifferent political parties. Only the flavor varies: one tastes to pseudo-proletarian tomato salad and the other to rancid catholic wine. But they have the same contents: 100% carcinogenic artificial flavors and colorants.

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