Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Methane drilling makes water flammable and poisonous in parts of the USA

This begins as somewhat funny... as long as you are not the one affected. Then it becomes a matter of major concern:

This man is not the only one with such a problem: large areas of Pennsylvania and New York states are being affected by methane pollution caused by a controversial process of methane extraction known as "frackling".

Full story at Mail Online.

As I say this guy is not the only one with a fire-spitting tap:

Critically, flammability and methane poisoning are not the only issues with "fracked" water but oil companies are also using in the process a series of chemicals they are not revealing to the public, chemicals that go into drinking water and have caused acute (and maybe chronical) poisoning, rashes and other problems.

This is more or less explained in this report by Russia Today:

Lack of transparency is again (much as in the Gulf of Mexico) the main problem people is facing when confronted with abuses of the public space (atmosphere and sea there, drinking water here) by the big corporations.

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