Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Napoleon López' last stand

Everybody knows that Napoleon Bonaparte, as Hitler more than a century later, was defeated in the heart of Russia by... cold.

Similarly that way ends the strange adventure of Napoleón López, according to one of my favorite cartoon authors: Zaldi Eroa (Crazy Horse):

(source: Berria)

Napoleon López in: Cold (very cold!)
... Yes?
The results of the elections

Patxi "Napoleon" López was appointed by Spain, by means of declaring illegal one of the major political Basque parties, as the first and only unelected President (Lehendakari) of the Western Basque Autonomous Community.

He led  "left" party but ruled with the support of the far right. All for the good of the nation... another nation than the one he was born in, an invader nation: Spain.

But once democracy was, even if maybe briefly, restored he had to face the facts: it is cold in Siberia-Gasteiz... but this winter is colder than usual.

It is hard to see how he can pretend to keep the farce, the illusory pretense of being a democratically elect and legitimate Lehendakari, and remain ruling after the results of yesterday, which not only ratified with pluses the Basque Nationalist options, notably the Left one, but also showed that his party has suffered a massive erosion as result of such fascist and right-wing policies (they are more cheapskate with social aids than even the Basque Nationalist Right but they waste the money in Spanish banners instead).

The half-dignified thing to do, and there will be social pressure for that to happen, would be to call elections in the Western Basque Country and allow all options to run fairly... 

And then retreat to Elbe.

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