Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dying in Fukushima

Who is working dying in Fukushima, for how much, why, how, in what conditions?

That is what Paul Jobin addresses in two successive articles at Asia Times Online:

Most work temporarily for subcontractors and do not even get yearly radiation dose report. You would think that in such a major high-tech industry, in such an advanced and wealthy country as Japan, workers would have good conditions and would be properly paid. Not at all. 

... there are different types of sub-contractors: at the very bottom of the pyramid there are, for example, temporary workers who use mops to clean the reactors, or who deal with used protective clothing. They receive the strongest doses. Then come the technicians (plumbers, electricians) who inspect facilities, piping and pumps, and at the very top, there are the technicians, managers and engineers of TEPCO, who enjoy higher wages and better protection. A number of temporary workers must be on-site, but for now, we do not really know who does what. What is certain is that all those who have worked so far have had to take large doses of radioactivity.

I demand the immediate formation of "nuclear fanatics without borders" who would volunteer to take all the heavy doses of radiation (in their opinion it's harmless) that nuclear industry cause. First task: man the liquidation of Fukushima (you know, according to them even Chernobyl liquidators fared well - radiation is harmless, blah, blah). Time to be consequent: nuclear jerks.

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