Monday, May 2, 2011

Iran denounces Israeli forces in Iraq

Zionist F15
We are living a very strange year and it's not easy to know what really means something and specially what does it mean. First we had the context of the Arab Revolution, then eclipsed by Fukushima and now by the highly dubious claim of the execution of Bin Laden... and now this?

History is clearly moving even if it's difficult to evaluate in which direction because there is not anymore free press able to make an independent analysis of whatever is going on. So you will excuse my puzzlement, I hope.

In any case Iran, more specifically state television Press TV has announced that Israel is accumulating airplanes in a US base in Iraq, specifically Al Asad air base, in order to attack Iranian soil. According to these Iranian sources, the Zionist armed forces, euphemistically called "defense forces", would have gathered a number of fighter-bombers of F15, F16, F18 and F22 types, as well as supply aircraft KC10.

According to Press TV, the Zionist military would have been making preliminary exercises in order to attack Iranian targets. The Iraqi government would not have been informed. 

In the most confuse context of NATO intervention in Lybia, Saudi intervention in Bahrain, confuse chaos in Syria, political confrontation between Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs in Iran and now the strange claims of the execution of Bin Laden, whatever that really means, I have a very bad feeling... and sense of deja vú of the days before the 9/11 attacks, when things were happening that we could not yet understand but later would make sense all together, such as the unexpected murder of Mansour in Afghanistan, opening the way for someone like Karzai to take over a few months later as US colonial governor. 

Whatever may happen is probably different but the media is already throwing noise bombs of possible attacks by "Al Qaeda" (a ghostly CIA psy-op) and such. If right now there would be a NATO intervention against Syria with a pretext similar to that of Libya and a simultaneous Zionist bombing of targets in Iran, it could lead to a greater imperial control of the region or to total chaos, as I would expect Hizbullah to attack Israel in such circumstances (and it has the power to bomb Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - Palestine is not that big after all), even if Syria is neutralized by internal turmoil.

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