Friday, May 6, 2011

The revolving door: Ashcroft to be "ethical expert" of Blackwater

We have ethics!
Do you remember that masterpiece of the Coen brothers before they became too famous and predictable: Miller's Crossing? It used to be a fetish in my friends' group in the early 90s. We watched it once and again because we just loved the dialogues. 

Dialogues like the oscar-deserving monologue by John Polito (left) in which he, a mafia boss, tries to persuade his rival (Albert Finney) that "we have ethics", that he is somehow better than the devious character embodied by John Turturro... 

Similarly the mafioso organization Blackwater (oopsa, now Xe Inc.), best known for murdering a lot of Iraqis some day they went on preventive "shoot first, ask never" rampage, has decided that they need some sort of "ethics" or at least a pretense of it. For that reason they have hired Mr. Waterboarding, formally still known as John Ashcroft, attorney general under that criminal buffoon of George Bush Jr. 

Ashcroft: from waterboarding to ethical advisor
Obviously both share the same empty sense of ethics. Would he be for real, they could also hire the character played by Polito in the film. 

Or maybe someone can make a new film in which Ashcroft's character has an even better (and even less credible) monologue about ethics... it could be a cult movie.

The case also illustrates how the infamous revolving door works in Washington, where businessmen become politicians and then businessmen again, serving once and again the same masters: the corporate world, which pays their campaigns and everything else but taxes. 

Source: Argenpress[es].

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