Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thousands marched in Paris in memory of Clément Méric

Thousands have marched today in Paris in memory of Clément Méric, the young Anarchist murdered by French Nazis of the JNR. The march was opened by a banner with the legend: Clément forever in our memory, in our hearts".

Demonstrators chanted slogans like "not a fascist in our streets", " we don't forget, we don't forgive" and "no pasarán!"

Speakers from France, Turkey and Spain praised the determination of the antifascist militant, who at his young age (18) was not just active in many movements (CNT, antifascist movement, anti-homophobic movement) but had also overcome a leukemia. 

There have been protests and memorials also in many other cities of France and the rest of Europe.

Source: Madriz Rebelde[es].

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