Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Venezuela: vote recount finished: no irregularities whatsoever

After recounting 100% of the votes in the last presidential elections, whose result was opportunistically contested by the reactionary opposition (MUD), there was not a single detectable irregularity nor error. 

In spite of being the one demanding a full recount, Enrique Capriles and his MUD party did not take part in it, preferring to stick to his lies than to face the facts. However all other parties did: Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Fatherland for Everyone Party (PPT), Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV), New Vision For My Country (NVPMP) and United Democratic Party for Peace and Liberty (PDUPL). 42 professional organizations also took part in the recount (citizen verification), auditing 100% of the 39,000 electoral boards, with more than 15 million receipts issued. 

The result found that more than 99.99% of the votes were correctly counted. 

Source: LINyM[es].


  1. It's just shameless fraud.
    They "audited" the same stuff against itself, preposterous. If someone voted several times for other people, there was absolutely no way through this fake auditing to determine that. And that is what happened. Also: thousands of dead people "voted". There were lots of places - always where witnesses from the democratic parties were thrown out or had no presence otherwise - where Maduro got many more votes than Chávez (even 100% of more than 500 voters), even if Maduro in general got over 1 million votes less than Chávez.

    Maju, you can be a communist (or pretend to be one at least), but at least you should try to have a minimum of honesty.

    You really write like Pravda: "all other parties". Well: those parties combined had less than 9% of votes whereas the MUD had at least 50% of all votes (according to Chavismo "only 49%+)

    It was fraud, Chavismo is as fraudulent as Franco's regime.

    1. In December, the PSUV won by uncontested landslide in the state elections, with 56% of the vote, taking all but three states. The MUD and precursors have been crying wolf since day one of the Chávez period, being their claims rejected once and again by such bourgeois figures like Jimmy Carter, the EU, etc.

      You know what happened to the boy who cried wolf, right? Here you have an alternative ending.


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