Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turkey: the People does not surrender!

Slingshot granny (source: Webguerrillero)
Tonight and today have seen some of the most intense fight in Turkey since the popular revolt began.

Police attacked Taksim Square overnight, evidencing Erdogan, who had just promised negotiations, as the liar he is.

23.00 The people of Gazi who have been subjected to enormous violence from the Turkish police blocked the main artery of the city.

23.30 Protesters in Istiklal Avenue forcing their way into the Taksim square.

23.40 People gathered in Kadikoy, trying to pass the bridge between Asia and Europe to get to the Taksim square.

00.02 People write down their blood types on their arms in case they get hurt by the brutal attacks of the police.

00.15 Thousands of people still flow to the Gezi Park.

00.30 Protestors are gathering in the Istiklal Avenue.

00.35 Police started attacking the protestors with blast bombs and tear gas in Ankara, capital city of Turkey.

They also report that the Internet was completely shut down in Turkey for hours. Police has been this morning defending their "conquest" of Taksim Square, with intermittent attacks to the crowds gathered around it. 

Taksim battle (source: Webguerrillero)

The struggles have produced many striking images, some of which well worth a Pulitzer prize:

... some of which have been compiled by Webguerrillero in a gallery:

Watercannon victim
Injured man being hauled away
Ingenuous weapons
Popular fire
More ingenuous weapons
Also determined nonviolence resistance

Water vs. fire
Fire won this time

More images at Webguerrillero: RESISTANBUL[es].

Also 50 attorneys who were staging a sit-in at the Justice Palace of Istanbul were arrested by police (→ Webguerrillero[es], incl. video).

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