Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FEMEN jump over the car of Tunisian Islamist PM

The radical feminist group FEMEN jumped in their usual topless style over the official vehicle of Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Laarayedh, when he was leaving the European Parliament see at Brussels. 

They demand freedom for the four members of their organization repressed by the Islamist government in Tunisia. 

The intervention of the fanatic leader's escort has been criticized by the activists as very violent, causing axphysia to one of them identified as Margo (the one being held by the leg in the photo), who lost consciousness and is still suffering headaches and other health problems. FEMEN considers that the life of Margo was put at risk.

Three Tunisian members of FEMEN were arrested by the Islamist regime on the grounds of "offense to morals" and "public disorder" after a topless protest in Tunis in solidarity with also imprisoned feminist Amina Sbui (aka Amina Tyler). 

Amina, who was the first Tunisian woman to dare to appear topless in Internet, as a protest against machista oppression is being tried secretly in Kairouan and has already been fined for having a pepper spray (a self-defense weapon which the authorities describe erroneously as "incendiary weapon").

FEMEN also demands the freedom of blogger Jabeur Mejri and all other people repressed by the Islamists in the North African country for using their undeniable right to freedom of expression. They accuse the Islamization policies of threatening women with torture, murder and mutilation (this last rather applies to Egypt). 

Laarayedh, who claims to ignore who are FEMEN (oh, c'mon!), admitted that he wants to push ahead the new Islamist constitution through a mere parliamentary vote, because he fears that a referendum would block it. He claims that the European Union supports his plans.

Source: Webguerrillero[es] (includes video of the action).

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