Sunday, June 16, 2013

USA: leak at Hanford Nuclear Facilit only gets worse

From King5 news (via EneNews):

The new video of the waste also shows much more bright green liquid than workers had seen before. The presence of green, wet material means it is new.

This particular tank (AY-102) is not the only one leaking. On February it was reported that at least six of the Hanford tanks are leaking and that the leaks cannot be contained apparently.

The tanks were designed to last just 20 years but nuclear mismanagement has allowed the facility to continue operating for more 70 years now. This is one of the major unrecognized problems (hidden costs) of nuclear industry: that facilities that are originally designed for a few decades, get their licenses extended once and again, and that theoretically acceptable management policies fall into routine, corruption and cost-reduction vices that pose immense risks to all. In the mid or long term all nuclear operations are extremely dangerous, if not outright catastrophic, and most extant nuclear facilities on Earth have long exhausted their optimal working periods, being totally senile and therefore a major local and global danger.

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