Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turkey: clashes continued tonight in Istanbul and Ankara

A week after the popular uprising began in Turkey, the situation continues tense, with further clashes each night between police and protesters. From Occupied Taksim:

23.30 With the nightfall once again clashes started in the Gazi Neighborhood.
Protestors resist the police with stones, slingshots, molotov coctails and fireworks.

Clashes between the protestors and the police continue.

01.00 The people of Gazi went back to their houses, announcing a meeting for tomorrow.

00.03 Once again the police started launching brutal attacks on demonstrators on the Kennedy Street, Ankara.

00.30 The police left the Kennedy Street.

00.40 The police continues its attack in the city center.

02.00 The police withdrew from streets.

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