Sunday, June 16, 2013

Venezuela: highly suspicious armed group detonates propaganda "bombs"

One of the fireworks
Two small bombs or rather noisy fireworks exploded in Barquisimeto, spreading pamphlets of the so-called Fuerzas Bolivarianas de Liberación (Bolivarian Liberations Forces), with a single message: "we are still in time to save the revolution". 

The mysterious armed group, which issued a video-communication recently, may have existed since 1992, when they operated as a guerrilla, attacking politician Alejandro Ríos, former president Jaime Lusinchi and even designing, it seems, a plan to kill President Carlos Andrés Pérez. 

Since 2002 they declared support for the Bolivarian (PSUV) government, with a tendency to make attacks in the states of Apuré, Barinas and Tachira, in the SW of Venezuela, near the Colombian border. They also made an attack in Maracaibo with a propaganda action similar to the most recent one in which they called for the extermination of the right wing and particularly their leaders.

According to Webguerrillero[es], there are many reasons to suspect that this is a false flag group under CIA-Mossad control, in order to create a pretext for civil war and an imperialist invasion. Among their reasons are that the first to propagate the news of their actions have been reactionary media such as Globovisión and that the video of the group was mounted by CNN-Mexico.

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