Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spain: new Nazi attack in Valladolid

For the third time in few months Nazis attacked with impunity the a young activist, 22. The two masked attackers brutally beat and stabbed the victim, who was for 30 minutes laying on the ground unconscious. 

The same person was already subject to a Nazi persecution weeks ago, although in that occasion he managed to flee. It is believed that the attackers are the same people because they told him: did you think you could get away, fucking red?

The increase in fascist attacks in Valladolid is directly related to the opening, some months ago, of an office of the Nazi party Democracia Nacional, located in Peña de Francia street. 

Neighborhoods Against Racism has declared that they won't tolerate the Nazis anymore.

It is clear that tolerance to Fascism must always be exactly zero, otherwise...

Source: Último Cero[es].

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