Friday, June 21, 2013

Fukushima (and other Tohoku) doctors are falling ill much more frequently than before 2011

[...] 19.4% of Fukushima physicians answered that their “physical state isn’t well.” 14.1% of Miyagi physicians and 12.8% of Iwate physicians answered similarly. In particular, the percentage of Fukushima physician, 19.4%, is 3.5 times more than pre-311. [...]

Fukushima Diary summarizes the findings of the Japan Medical Association Research Institute as follows:

According to Japan Medical Association Research Institute, 19.4 % of Fukushima doctors answered “Their health condition is not good” for the questionnaire. The ratio used to be 5.6% before 311. [...]

Even the doctors in charge of administering the disaster are falling down, slowly but steadily. Still, this is the junk that Japanese citizens had to swallow from their politicians: "don't worry, be happy":

Source: Fukushima Emergency... 

Of course this is not just affecting Japan, at lower but clearly worrying level, also the USA and other parts of the World.

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