Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saudi Arabia asks Israel to attack Syria

The Machiavellic leader of all Islamist Fascist groups, the Theocratic Dictator of Saudi Arabia, has asked formally, albeit secretly, to the Genocide and Apartheid Regime in Palestine (Israel) to attack Syria, according to Al Manar (reflected by Webguerrillero[es]). 

In the secret diplomatic note the Saudi Theocrats would have asked Israel to keep sending weapons to the Islamist Fascist terrorist groups in Syria, where they seem to be losing the war by moments. Almost simultaneously, a conference of Islamist Theocracies, so-called "Friends of Syria", met in Qatar (whose "illustrated" dictator owns Al Jazeera), where they issued a communication emphasizing the urgency of sending weapons to the Islamist terrorist in Syria, while babbling about the need of a "political solution".

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