Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where is Edward?

Edward J. Snowden, of course.

Found at Webguerrillero[es].


  1. He still seems to be in Russia - "It's not a matter of (Snowden's) usefulness (to Russia) - it's a matter of principle," he wrote on Twitter Sunday. "Handing over a political refugee is morally impermissible."

    Meanwhile, Key US-EU trade pact under threat after more NSA Spying Allegations -

    1. I hope the free trade deal sinks: it can only harm Europe's economy because we already import too much and export too little. We need more locally and regionally balanced economies, not this wasteful and mostly useless extreme globalization. Anyhow it's just Capitalism squeezing the cow beyond its possibilities: there's very little more globalization to be made: the Capitalist expansion wave of more than two centuries is over, all that is left to do is readjustment, what will not increase the GWP, even if it may get some marginal profits from here or there.


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