Sunday, June 30, 2013

Turkey and Kurdistan: massive protests for the murder of Medeni Yildirim

Some 10,000 people demonstrated in Istanbul in solidarity with Kurdistan and repulse of the murder of Medeni Yildirim, killed on Friday by the Army

The protesters in Istanbul, which hosts a very large Kurdish minority, could not reach the iconic Taksim Square, still heavily guarded by police, but they remained in the nearby streets chanting slogans in Turkish and Kurdish with messages like "police murderers, out of Kurdistan", "this is just the beginning, the struggle continues, the murderer state will pay" and "long live the fraternity of the People".

In Diyarbakir (Northern Kurdistan) the thousands attending to the funeral demanded from the government: "Erdogan behave, don't make us go to the mountains", in reference to the guerrilla camps. 

This murder and the injuring of dozens is the worst incident in Northern Kurdistan since the PKK signed a ceasefire with Ankara two months ago.

Source: Gara[es].

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