Sunday, June 30, 2013

Catalonia: 90,000 gather in 'Concert for Freedom'

The 'Concert per la Llibertat' began with a human mosaic (photo) as the Orfeó Catalá (voice chorus) and the Cobla de Cambra de Catalanyua (orchestra) interpreted the national hymn Els Segadors (the reapers). The human mosaic demanded in English Freedom for Catalonia in 2014 (date of a proposed referendum, not accepted by the imperial power, Spain). 

A huge array of artists took part in the macro-concert, which was broadcast live by the public Catalan media, was huge, including veteran Catalan singers like Dyango, Peret, María del Mar Bonet or Lluis Llach and also musicians from other countries like the Basques Paco Ibáñez or Fermín Muguruza, the Greek Giannis Papaioannou or the North American Gisele Jackson,

The second half of the even was focused on the politically most inspiring compositions of veteran singer Lluís Llach, who had not been on stage in the last six years. He interpreted himself some of his most popular themes like Venim del Nord, Venim del Sud (we come from the North, we come from the South) or Tossudamente alçats (standing stubbornly), while many other of his songs were sang by various other stars. 

The event ended with the song Independencia (independence), perfomed together by the public.

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