Monday, June 17, 2013

Turkey: protest continue in spite of police but fascist thug squads reported in some areas

This evening as narrated at Occupied Taksim:

19.29 Photo from Istiklal Street:

19.37 Police are shooting gas at the people assembled in front of the Galata Tower.

19.38 Police are attacking people in the alleys of Kurtulus.

19.43 The police have attacked a crowd 1000 people in Osmanbey with water containing red paint.

19.44 The police are not allowing anyone without yellow press cards into Taksim. They are stopping everyone on the roads to Taksim and are confiscating their gas masks and safety helmets.

19.46 The Taksim Ilkyardim hospital is under a shroud of gas. According to news on the medical attendants are coming out of the hospital and reacting to police brutality.

19.50 Tens of thousands assembled in Dolmabahce, marching towards Karakoy to cross into Taksim. The people are chanting “The People Will Not Bow Before You,” and “Side by Side Aganst Fascism!”

20.04 The police are threatening the people who have gathered at the windows of their homes in Ergenekon Avenue (Sisli). They are also reportedly collecting the emptied gas canisters.

Despite the threats of the police, the people continue clanking pots and pans in protest.

20.06 The police have attacked the people assembled near the Osmanbey Metro Station with water cannons. Bulldozers are clearing the barricades on Halaskargazi (Sisli).

20.10 Police have attacked a crowd of thousands assembled in Dolmabahce, marching to Karakoy.

20.14 An architect associated with the Council of Socialist Engineers and Architects and a reporter from the Yurt newspaper were taken into custody near Tarlabasi. They were released after 50 minutes.

20.15 Crowd assembled in Karakoy, forming barricades.

20.23 Clashes between the police and the people continue between Karakoy-Dolmabahce. The barricades in Karakoy:

20.35 Massive crowd gathered in Besiktas, Ortabahce Avenue.

20.40 The police have beaten a protester for minutes in Kurtulus. The beaten citizen was dragged to a police vehicle.

21.00 It has been reported that a group of people armed with knives and cleavers have tried to attack the demonstrators.

21.02 As in earlier days of the protests the people of Istanbul have started clanking pots and pans in various districts, later taking to the streets. The reaction is as intense as the first days.

21.10 The people have closed the junction between the TEM highway and the neighbourhood of Nurtepe. The police have attacked them with gas bombs.

21.17 A crowd has gathered in front of the CHP Istanbul headquarters in Sishane (near Taksim). They have thrown rocks at the building where two CHP MP’s were staying. The crowd later dispersed.

21.25 Attacks by AKP members have intensified. The police are taking an increasing number of people into custody. 

21.35 Around 10,000 marching on Galata Bridge.

21.46 A crowd armed with knives are attacking the demonstrators around Tophane. Aytug Akdogan has tweeted:

“I am in Tophane at the moment. They are handing out knives to the young people here. Don’t come here. I don’t know whose distributing the knives. Maybe the young people are sharing their ‘tools.’”

On Tepebasi Avenue, near the Pera Palas Hotel and Sishane there are hundreds of people from Kasimpasa armed with wooden clubs and cleavers. They are attacking the demonstrators in the alleys. More than 3 bus are full of those arrested.

21.50 The public buses in Eminonu are only taking those from the AKP demonstration earlier today. The people are reacting to this situation.

22.10 Clashes have intensified in the neighbourhood of Okmeydani.

22.13 Approximately 700 people marching in Maltepe (on the Asian side).

22.17 Excessive use of gas in the Ornektepe district of Okmeydani making it impossible to breathe (photo from Taksim, earlier today). 

22.18 Thousands of people assembled in the Gazi Quarter.

22.26 Thousands marching to Taksim from Akaretler (Besiktas) chanting “We Will Reclaim Taksim Tonight!” [→]

22.28 Thousands in Ikitelli march to Ataturk Quarter.

22.26 The demonstration held regularly in Uskudar has been attacked by those returning from the AKP demonstration. While none were injured, the demonstrators have retreated to Dogancilar Park.

A bus full of arrested people in front of the Ramada Hotel (Harbiye/Osmanbey). Police are beating those inside.

6 buses full of gendarme troops transported to Besktas.

22.52 Reports coming from those arrested that the police are keeping the under inhuman conditions. Those being taken to Vatan police station are being kept in buses with the heat on. The lawyers are being prevented from giving water to those under arrest. According to reports from lawyers, tiny cells have been filled with over 50 people.

The police are beating people with batons under Karakoy Bridge. Even the waiters and waitresses working there have been arrested. Police have used excessive violence, many wounded.

Hundreds demonstrating in Yeni Sahra.

2,000 have blocked the road in Acibadem chanting “The Government Must Resign!”

00.28 Police have attacked Besiktas.


Police using slingshots, certainly not standard weapons (→ OT):

In Ankara police has been shooting gas against the windows of neighbors who protested against the already unbearable gas levels in an area where there no obvious clashes → OT (incl. video).

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