Sunday, June 16, 2013

Catalonia: victim of police violence who lost an eye speaks out

Ester Quintana (pictured), one of the many victims of the brutal police repression against popular protests in Catalonia in the last years, who lost (like others before her) an eye to a rubber bullet, has published an open letter, available at Webguerrillero[es]:

This is how my face has been left after the brutal aggression I suffered by the impact of a rubber bullet shot by the Mossos de Esquadra [Catalan autonomous police corps] on November 14.

15 days ago, I was operated again to get implanted a prosthesis in my left eye, the recovery and convalescence I had to bear after the three operations have been very painful, I assure you. 

I have discovered in the last months that I am a very strong person, much more than I used to think, although the physical and psychological recovery is very slow in my understanding. 

There are still more operations to come, its number and magnitude are yet to be determined and I don't see yet the end of all this process. What I am suffering I do not wish to anyone else.

Hatred, rancor, rage are words and emotions I know but that I try to keep out of my soul's dictionary, those that are not left out are responsibility, pardon, equality, justice, courage, friendship, solidarity, truth, freedom, serenity...

For all these reasons and many more we keep fighting for the abolition of rubber bullets. OJOCONTUOJO [= WATCHYOUREYE]

Let Ester be the last victim!

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