Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catalonia: Nazi stabbing of in Summer Solstice celebration

Josep U., 21 was stabbed by a group of Nazis inside of the Working Class Center (Ateneu) of Igualada (pictured).

The attack happened in the late part of a concert, when a DJ played the song Això no és Espanya (This is not Spain) of Francesc Ribera. Then a small group of 4-5 young men and women began singing Que viva España (Long Live to Spain) of Manolo Escobar, a singer of the Fascist era, one of them showing a pocket knife in threatening manner against the members of the band Ressaka Ska (who had played before). 

Initially the threat was not addressed and the fascist gang remained in the building. But later one of the Nazis threatened to injure with the knife a boy aged 16, moment when the Josep intervened, getting the stab in the stomach instead. The criminals then run away. 

I must say that I am quite surprised that not a modicum of security was thought of by the organizers of the event. A small group of people with sticks should have been enough to send the Nazis away or even beat them badly (I wouldn't complain certainly) preventing innocent victims.

The lesson is clear: the Nazis are here, they are very aggressive and usually enjoy a great deal of impunity, be ready! Zero, absolutely zero, tolerance against Fascism!

Source: Xavier Rius blog[cat].

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