Thursday, June 20, 2013

Turkey: repression continues

As mentioned yesterday, the Islamist authorities of Turkey have launched a campaign of political repression, arresting many dozens, while hundreds were arrested in the general strike of Monday. 

But the campaign of political repression is not only directed against protesters: the four TV channels which gave some half-decent coverage to which is maybe the most important episode in the history of Turkey in this century, were heavily fined, in a clear totalitarian attack against freedom of speech. 

But the most "dangerous" foe that Erdogan faces is the Internet. And he knows it. His government is therefore preparing a new law that aims to restrict access to social networks. People have also been arrested in Izmir on the grounds of "provocative tweets". 

Recently Erdogan claimed, in his usual fascist style, that "a tweet can be more dangerous than a car bomb". 

AKP speaker Ali Sahin claimed that there is "a conspiracy that attempts to depose the government using the social networks" and, shamelessly parroting his boss, that "a calumnious tweet can be more dangerous than a car bomb. The explosion of an armed vehicle may have a limited impact but a tweet loaded with lies can cause an ambient of conflict".

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

Occupied Taksim emphasizes how, while government repression has killed four people and injured, often very seriously, to at least 8000 people, the only thing the government seems concerned about is that cars have been burned or that publicity billboards have been broken. 

That is the "democratic" nature of Erdogan: he is extremely ugly and brutally arrogant but he does not seem to notice.

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