Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kurdistan: Turkish Army fires against protesters near Diyarbakir: one killed, many wounded

A road blockade to protest against the opening of a new Turkish military station at Lice (Diyarbakir province, Northern Kurdistan) was brutally quelled by the Army of the Islamist and Imperialist regime with live fire, killing Salih Bedirxan Medeni Yildirim and injuring at least seven others. 

There have been protests in Istanbul in solidarity with the massacred Kurds. 

Source: Occupied Taksim.

Update (Jun 29): 

The funeral for the mortal victim has been held today at a Diyarbakir cementery. 

A popular assembly has been called in Beksitas for 5pm in order to march to Taksim Square. Similarly the Democratic Congress of the Peoples (HDK) has called for a concentration at 6pm at the Galatasaray Lisesi in protest for the Lice massacre with the intention to march to Taksim Square as well. Taksim Solidarity will also held a demonstration at Taksim Square at 7pm with in homage to Sarisuluk (a worker murdered in Ankara weeks ago), in demand of justice against police and in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades. 

Source: Occupied Taksim.

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