Saturday, June 29, 2013

Egypt: clashes between islamo-fascists and opposition leave three dead

At least three people, two Egyptians and one US citizen, have been killed in clashes between Islamists and the wider opposition in Alexandria, in a situation that evidences that the Egyptian Revolution is not yet finished at all, as the reactionary President Morsi has become Mubarak's continuity, bowing to Israel in all and attempting to use the popular revolution to introduce reactionary measures such as legalization of genital mutilation of women (un-islamic but very traditional in many misogynistic societies, especially in Egypt, ~90% of women affected, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia).

The clashes erupted as anti-islamist popular march reached the Islamist AJP's see in Alexandria, the second largest city of Egypt, where a rival concentration of Islamist militants had been organized as well. Two of the victims were killed by fundamentalist thugs apparently using knives as weapons. 

A third person, also a secularist protester, was murdered in Port Said, as a bomb exploded as a demonstration passed by. 

The protests are just a warm up for those scheduled on Sunday, anniversary of the crowning of Morsi as President of Egypt. 18 22 million signatures have been collected demanding Morsi's resignation, more than the 13 million votes he gathered in the presidential elections a year ago. Egypt has some 85 million inhabitants (incl. c. 35 million minors).

All this: the demonstrations and the signature collection have been organized by Tamarod (Rebellion).

Sources: Russia Today, Euronews, Al Jazeera, Gara[es].

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