Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tukey: standing man arrested, protests now at neighborhood parks

The person initiating the contagious single man protest in Taksim Square was finally arrested after six hours of continuous silent protest. He was later let free. 

He has been named as Erdem Gunduz, artist by profession. 

As mentioned before, his example was followed by a growing number of silent protesters in Istanbul and elsewhere. 

However another form of protest has begun also today: people are gathering now at neighborhood parks to show their discontent with Erdogan's authoritarianism and corruption. These are some of the calls for today:

The Besiktas gathering will be held at the Abbasaga Park at 21.00
The Elmadag-Harbiye gathering will be held at the Macka Park at 21.00

The Kadikoy gathering will be held at the Yogurtcu Park at 21.00

The Umraniye gathering will be held at the Carsi Park at 21.00

#direngezi #occupiedtaksim

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