Monday, September 3, 2012

Nonviolent 'Occupy' activists convicted of trespass

March against police chief Díaz
When private property is more important than justice: our World, our lives, our only lives.

From Kasama:

6 Occupy activists convicted in Seattle: Sentencing Sept. 20

On August 31 six Occupy activists were convicted of criminal trespass after a four-day jury trial Seattle Municipal Court. They were accused of participating in an act of civil disobedience demanding the resignation of Seattle police chief John Diaz – a man notorious for ordering violent attack on Occupy Seattle and for the daily police brutality against the people.

A sentencing hearing for these six people will be held on September 20 in Seattle.

One of the accused was convicted on an additional charge of “obstruction of a public official.”

The six people now facing sentencing are Liam Wright, Blake, Danielle, Kristin, Bryce Phillips, and Miles Partman. Two are supporters of Seattle’s Red Spark collective and the national Kasama network. Two were part of the Chase 5.

A seventh defendant received a mistrial – but may now face a new prosecution on this charge.

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