Monday, September 3, 2012

England: Waltham Forest citizens raise against Nazis

Clashes took place in the London borough of Waltham Forest, as a march of Nazis from the EDL was allowed to walk through the multicultural district under heavy police protection. Neighbors, organized ad-hoc into We are Waltham Forest, attacked the Nazis with smoke bombs and flower pots (flower power for the win!)

In the subsequent clashes police made 20 arrests: nine Nazis (accused of carrying illegal weapons and drugs, as well as of shooting fireworks) and eleven antifascist neighbors (accused of carrying illegal weapons and, mostly, "breach of the peace"). 

The fascist march was forced to change their course, what was proclaimed as a victory by some people online.

Source: Guardian-Series.

It is a shame that such kind of highly offensive marches have to be tolerated by communities who obviously oppose them. This applies the same for Northern Ireland as for London.

Well, on second thought, Nazis should not be allowed to exist at all: let there be Maoist-style reeducation camps for them and, in the worst cases, death penalty right away. We do need some guillotine.

But, whatever the case, the principle of democracy must be upheld and, if a community truly does not want people from outside marching through their streets yelling hatred slogans, that is it: anything else is not true democracy but parlamentarian dictatorship.

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