Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Occupied Social Center 'Casablanca' in Madrid evicted overnight

Without judiciary order, just by diktat of the provincial governor (chief of the police), who seems in connivance with speculator real state group Monteverde Grupo Inmobiliario S.L.

Madriz Rebelde[es], explains that this mafioso group, ultimately linked to the Marbella speculator mafias and the most rancid fascist oligarchy of Spain, operates mostly in Madrid and Barcelona but also Bilbao and Valencia as of late, being in full expansion in spite of the burst of the real state bubble. The company is 90% owned by Carlos Monteverde Mesa, 5% by Ramón Hermosilla, 5% by Manuel García Álvarez and has also as non-stockholder councilor to Fernando Fernández-Tapias, son of his namesake father, former president of the Capitalist Syndicate of Madrid, CEIM.

Ironically the company went bankrupt in 2010, defaulting €177 million. But even unable to sell their properties, be them picassos, airplanes or buildings in the center of Madrid, the mafioso company still seems to have enough connections to circumvent the judicial system and evict by decree this social occupied center.

Another source: Bilboko Okupazioa Buelegoa[es].

Update: it seems that the eviction is part of the increased police efforts to prevent social protests, notably the planned "siege to Congress" for the 26th. See here.

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