Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venice protests against big boats

From Struggles in Italy:

No Big Boats protest in Venice

On Sunday September 17 around 500 demonstrators gathered by foot and by boat at the San Marco basin, to protest against the transit of the big cruise boats close to the fragile Venice. The committee which called for the demonstration accuses the floating giants passing just in front of San Marco, in the Giudecca channel, of damaging the city and the lagoon environment. Angelo Marzollo, ex-UNESCO official for the preservation of Venice’s channel system and venetian lagoon, is one of the most authoritative voices who support and take part in the protest. For years he has stated that the big cruise boats cause a disaster to the lagoon environment and dig deep in its floor, causing the calm lagoon to look more and more like the sea. And this puts the delicate Venice structures in a real danger.

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