Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The destruction of Greek education and health care deepens

From Occupied London - From the Greek Streets:

140 university departments are closing down – Hospital doctors on partial strike

The ministry of education decided to close down 140 higher education departments including entire institutes. In an effort to keep the society as less educated as possible, and given that a lot of young people are developing a radical political identity and practice within the universities, the government now closes down entire departments while from this year on the free textbooks policy comes to an end, while there are systematic efforts to introduce tuition fees.
Meanwhile the union of the hospital doctors yesterday announced that they are going on a partial-strike accepting only A&E patients and rescheduling every arranged appointments with patients. Hospital doctors protest because the Ministry of Health does not pay them for work they done, while doctors salaries have fallen circa 40% the last couple of years.

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