Friday, September 14, 2012

New York nuclear power plant sued over lack of security

Indian Point Energy Center, as the NPP is known, is located just a few centers north of New York City in Wetchester Co., putting the Big Apple at much more risk than all terrorists together... unless they decided to attack the nuclear power plant in fact.

In fact that's the argument of Clifton “Skip” Travis Jr., who has sued the plant for putting lives at risk. Travis claims that the company is so worried by profits that security is almost a non-issue, that terrorists win half the security drills and that employees are allowed to play video games or watch films while at work. 

Travis a security officer at the plant has been sent home for emphasizing security, which the company sees as hurting profits. In his lawsuit he cites three of his supervisors, who apparently have as main task to make sure that nuclear security is cheap. They are: Daniel Gagnon, the security manager; Timothy Redfearn, the security superintendent; and Joseph Pollock, vice president of operations.

Travis contends that company and Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials were so concerned that the plant would fail its triannual drill this year that they canceled it just a few days before it was scheduled in June, citing a “safety concern” that rifles used in the drills were emitting too much carbon dioxide.

The two reactors are scheduled for decommission in 2014 and 2016 respectively but, of course, the Nuclear Mafia wants them to continue forever. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the USA is actually planning to grant them a 20 years extension. Hopefully this denounce will help rise awareness of the many risks that it poses for the very survival of the people.  

Source and more details at the Poughkeepsie Journal (h/t EneNews).

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