Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basque General Strike: pickets and violent police repression in Navarre

Navarrese anti-repression blog Ateak Ireki[eu/es] is micro-blogging on the general strike, with many short texts-headlines, some photos and the occasional longer text or video.

It seems that police has been pressing more than just hard against the pickets and that some charges have already happened.

A synthesis of the morning impact of the strike in Navarre was published[es] as well:

Overall following: massive in the North, very important in Iruñerria (Pamplona urban district), notable in Lizarra (Estella) and Lumbier.

Massive following by students: Public University and High Schools empty.


Bortziri ("five towns" district near San Sebastian) and Baztan: nearly everything has closed. Major companies affected: Arcelor, Zalain, Funvera, Savera, Mármoles del Baztan, Harrilan.

Sakana (large valley in the road to Araba, between Aralar and Urbasa):  also nearly all closed. Major companies: Magotteaux, Guerra Hermanos, Aceros Moldeados, Lacunza Calor.

Leitza: Sarrió Papel, the largest company of this mountain district, has closed as well.

Lumbier: Public School and Professional Education closed, Argal (major food company) stopped at 80%, Ikastola (Basque-language private school) at 50%.

Lizarra (Estella): all educative centers closed.

Iruñerria (Pamplona district): 

100% stopped Papelera San Andres, Lácteos de Navarra, ISN, etc. Other: Norton (78%), KYBSE (65%), Faurecia (50%), TRW (40%). Also 100% closed Lagunak swimming pools, Iruña Ferreteros, UTE Medioambiente (public gardening). In Mercairuña (provincial food distribution market) 95% was closed (video right). It is expected that at least 13 school diners will close. 

The Public University of Navarre (UPNA) is 100% closed. 

In the urban public transport (buses known as "villavesas") the government ha imposed massive minimal services (40-60%, when in March they were of just 28%). Similarly the firefighters, who support the strike, were imposed minimal services of 100% (they have agreed to give today's salary to charities).

Volkswagen has imposed extra hours on weekend to make up for the strike, what is illegal and has been denounced by LAB (Basque union).

A  march by the Ronda Norte periurban road caused traffic problems (video right).

A bike-picket was hostilized and finally forbidden to circulate by police.

Bike-picket was banned

Pickets through the Old Quarter of Iruñea (Pamplona):

Police charged in Atarrabia (Villava):

Update (11:30): High tension around El Corte Inglés (commercial center infamous for its anti-labor and mafioso practices):

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

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