Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Delta" squat raided and evicted in Thessaloniki

From Occupied London - From the Greek Streets:

Police raid and evict anarchist squat Delta in Thessaloniki

At approximately 7:30 am on Wednesday 12.9, five riot police units and two jeeps of EKAM (the special suppressive anti-terrorist unit) stormed the anarchist squat Delta in Thessaloniki. At least 8 people were detained inside the building and another 7 of those who arrived in solidarity (of which three were released soon thereafter). A group of people in solidarity who gathered near the squat were surrounded and cut off by the police. The police have sealed off the building; an anarchist assembly has been called for 1pm at the Thessaloniki polytechnic. 

More information as it comes.

Update, also from OL-FTGS:

Eviction of anarchist squat in Thessaloniki took place “following orders by Greek PM Samaras himself”

Making a statement about the eviction of the anarchist squat Delta in Thessaloniki, the minister of Public Order (police) Dendias claimed this took place following orders by the Greek PM Samaras himself. The operation saw tens of riot police and members of the suppressive antiterrorist unit (EKAM) storm the building in the early hours of September 12th. 

The operation, very tellingly, took place at a moment when racist attacks by members of the Nazi party, Golden Dawn, have gained extensive publicity and condemned by many across the political spectrum. Storming an anarchist squat at this exact moment tries to give a message of two “extremes” (the Nazis and the anarchists) that the government is supposedly fighting against.

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